It was filmed how in Kretinga the driver almost died on the train tracks

Look here for video:

There is red light and train near you and you still do not see? The drivers license should be taken. Plus its woman driver. She could kill a passanger if he was in the car back seat. Would like to know if she still has the license. Some woman are really terrible drivers. And she was driving no so bad car.

Romas Kalanta

Today I have read article on and somehow I searched who was the Kalanta. And found out interesting things. Even in 1972 lithuanians already showed those soviets that we don’t want to be in that union. Sadly people had to die so that this would finnaly end.

Some people say it was not so bad in soviet union. It is weird. Maybe for some who has bad life now, it was not so bad. But what you can achieve was very limited in soviet union. And soviets showed big disrespect. For example this way:

“The bolts of the then political system and the real provocateurs who provoked the outrage of the crowd, trampled flowers at R. Kalanta’s burning site, banished children and teenagers with “bananas”, organized a campaign of condemnation of prisoners, in which famous people not only in Kaunas but also outside Lithuania were forced to participate. .”

I am glad that there were such people who can die for Lithuanian freedom. Looks like otherwise we could hardly have it. Thank you Romas Kalanda, RIP.

Read more here:

Respect for Kaunas who made biggest anti soviet demonstratrations. Did not know that earlier.

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